Group Membership

Delivering Best Practices * Problem Solving * Accountability * Motivation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Lead Generation

  • Candidate Engagement

  • Client Engagement

  • Maximizing your day

  • Acquisition Strategy and Integration

  • Earning exclusives and retainers

  • Winning the placement process

  • Mindset, Motion, and Mastering the Skills

  • Finances, Budgeting, KPI

  • Automation tools

  • Scaling your business

What's Included?

Two, one hour Group Membership Meetings monthly

Group discussion

Bring your questions or topics and get them answered

Micro lesson (time permitting)

Access to recorded meetings

Our Process

  • Schedule a Search Maximizer Session - click here to schedule

    • Get to know each other professionally and personally.

    • If you have areas of your business that you want to improve, and I have expertise to help you, we'll walk through the next steps in detail.

    • Either way, the goal is always for both us us to come away with a new friend.

  • Complete the paperwork

    • Month to month or three month term

    • Fifteen day trial

  • Receive credentials

    • PRSTO

    • The Five Steps to Success System

    • Recorded Group Membership meetings

    • Group Membership meeting calendar and meeting link

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Mark Diamond

Mark Diamond

Founder, Executive Coaching Solutions and PRSTO

Serving Staffing and Recruiting Business Owners

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